Top Personal Finance Posts Of The Week – Spring Cleaning Edition

Posted April 15th, 2012 in Blog Carnival by Jeremy Waller

It may be time to clean out the gutters.


Spring has sprung! That means nice warm weather….and yard work. Bleh.

Every year I think about how nice it would be to pay someone to do my lawn. And then my financial side reminds me how much that would cost over the course of the summer.

I guess I know what I’ll be doing every weekend again this year.

Top Posts of the Week

Ben @ The Financial Reader posted Do You Know What Payday Loans Charge? – “Payday loan rates are usually quoted for the term of the loan, making the rates seem lower than they actually are. Readers will be surprised just how costly payday loans are when the rates are annualized.”

Laura Edgar @ NerdWallet posted Western Union WU Pay: Better Option, Not Perfect – “WU Pay may come to serve as a viable financial product for the unbanked. Much like prepaid debit cards, the program provides an alternative means of conducting online transactions. ”

Jason P. @ One Money Design posted Gas Reward Cards and a Few Other Ways to Cut the Cost of Gas – “Gas prices are on the rise so consider these tips to cut the cost of gas and use the money for more important financial goals.”

Super Saver @ My Wealth Builder posted Earn Large, Live Small – “Here’s my simple strategy to building wealth: maximize and grow earnings; live at least 20% below those earnings. Building wealth is all about earning large and living small. To me, many people make the mistake of doing the opposite: earning small and living large.”

Your Life For Less posted Buy Current Technology, Not State of the Art – “How to save money on technology by analyzing your needs and buying a product that fits those needs”

Dr. Dean @ The Millionaire Nurse posted Save on Gas: At The Expense Of Our Marriage? – “A Mars and Venus twist on the “improving your gas mileage” article.”

Joe Morgan @ Simple Debt Free Finance posted 3 Ways To Negotiate Credit Card Debt Yourself. – “If you’re one of the millions of credit card holders who has found themselves buried in credit card debt with a balance you can’t hope to pay down, then you may be wondering how to negotiate your credit card debt away. Here are 3 possible debt payment solutions to offer to your credit card company when you make the call.”

Other Carnivals And Mentions This Week

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