Top Personal Finance Posts Of The Week – September 23, 2011

Posted September 23rd, 2011 in Blog Carnival by Jeremy Waller

Top Personal Finance Posts of The Week

It’s Friday again and that means it’s time for the weekly round up of the top personal finance posts of the week. These posts are either ones I came across myself and found compelling or ones that were submitted via the blog carnival.

J.B. from My University Money is celebrating his 100th Post. Congrats! For only being around 6 months, that’s pretty impressive. It’s hard to provide fresh content on a consistent basis month after month. The post itself is a great read if you have any interest in starting your own blog.

Steve Z. posted Is Netflix (NFLX) stock headed for the bottom? at Canadian Personal Finance this week. Steve thinks that Netflix will be replaced by offerings from Google or Hulu.

I totally disagree with that. Yes Netflix’ stock is taking a beating right now but I don’t think it is a reflection on the company’s future. A lot of people are hounding on Netflix and Reed Hastings because of their spin-off of their DVD business. I think the decision was a great move. Reed knows the future isn’t in mailing DVDs. It’s in digital distribution.

Steve R. from Smart Wealth wrote a post this week asking How Long Will the Frugal Bubble Last? He talks about how the downturn in the economy has prompted people to be frugal out of necessity. People are couponing and Starbucks is closing stores. I have no doubt though that the majority of people will be back to their spending-more-than-they-make ways before long.

Star Wars nerd Jen wrote about the The Padawan Budget at Master the Art of Saving. The Padawan budget has you budgeting for your committed expenses such as utilities and your car payment but does not include variable expenses such as groceries or gas. I think this budget works if you’re on a cash basis. It makes sure your bills are paid and you can use whatever is leftover for everything else. But if you use a credit card for any expenses, this is a really great way to overspend.

Brand new finance blogger Ishan from Mutual Fund Scholar submitted his first post to the carnival this week: What Is a Mutual Fund? He gives a very basic walk through of what a mutual fund is and how one works.

Jennifer Hill from How Does Rent To Own Work writes about a number of potential hazards that a buyer should consider before choosing to enter a rent to own agreement in the post Potential Hazards of Renting to Own.

Dorothy offers some advise on Selecting A Secured Credit Card. She points out that you should know how much you have to deposit, how much you are paying in interest and how much the annual fee is.

Carlos Sera from Financial Tales presents A Required Rate Tale. He posits “The real question that should be asked is—How much stock should investors hold? Old or young has nothing to do with it. So, how much stock should investors hold? The answer is—as much as required to earn the returns necessary to achieve your goals and is why I call this tale A Required Rate Tale.”

I get what Carlos is trying to get across here, but I disagree with the approach. I believe someone at retirement age should have a very low risk portfolio – even if that means it doesn’t meet the rate of return required to meet their goals. I think it is far wiser to find an alternative way to meet the income gap than it is to risk their portfolio to potentially achieve a higher rate of return.

The Top Personal Finance Post of The Week

The award for the top post of the week goes to Kyle from The Penny Hoarder. I really enjoyed his post on 5 Weird Ways to Make Money Recycling. I have to say that I’ve never even thought about any of the 5 ideas he gives. If you’re already recycling, then why not make money at it at the same time? Great ideas Kyle!

If you have a personal finance site and you think one of your posts should be included next week, submit it here!

Have a great weekend!



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  1. Thanks Jeremy! I’m honored to be chosen….

    • Jeremy says:

      Hey Kyle – It’s funny that you submitted this through the blog carnival. I actually had it on my list already to include it this week. I think you have some great stuff on your blog. I especially like the Weird Business posts you’ve done.

  2. Thanks for including my post. I understand why they are dividing the company into 2 groups but I see Amazon or another media company just taking away the digital distribution (their new core business).

    • Jeremy says:

      It’s true that another media company could replace them, but from the services I’ve tried nothing really comes close to Netflix (even with their limited streaming selection.)

      Netflix is the big dog in the market. Their service can be accessed from a lot of web enabled TVs, game consoles and phones. It’s going to take a lot for someone to overtake Netflix’ head start.

      One possible game-changer is Amazon’s upcoming tablet. If it can gain some ground it will open a new distribution channel for Amazon’s digital offerings.

  3. Thanks for including my article in this nice line-up of finance articles.

  4. Thanks for including my post and thanks for hosting the carnival. 🙂

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