Top Personal Finance Posts Of The Week – Psycho Suze Orman Edition

Posted January 15th, 2012 in Blog Carnival by Jeremy Waller

Wow what a crazy week in the personal finance world!

One of the main personal finance gurus, Suze Orman, went off the deep end. She has lost what little respect I did have for her. Not only did she introduce a fee-loaded prepaid debit card – she also insulted a lot of my fellow bloggers that I have a lot of respect for.

Shame on you Suze!

For a full recap of the Suze Orman Twitter Spat of 2012, check out the top post of the week below.

Top Posts of the Week

The Financial Literates posted Best Mutual Funds to Invest in 2012 in India – “The Indian Government has allowed foreign individual investors to invest in India. India is an emerging economy & everyone can divert some part of their portfolio in Indian Mutual Funds.”

The Frugal Toad posted Smoking Cigarettes is Hazardous to Your Financial Health – “The New Year is a great time to look at making changes and many people include losing weight or quitting smoking as a goal. It’s no secret that the cost of a pack of cigarettes has risen dramatically over the last several years but there are other costs of smoking that you may not have been aware of.”

Patrick LaRue posted 4 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Retirement Budget – “As medical technology advances, society becomes safer and health knowledge becomes more mainstream, the life expectancy of humans tends to increase.”

Control Your Cash posted 2011 Man of the Year – “Meet Control Your Cash’s 2011 Man of the Year, Herman Cain”

My Wealth Builder posted Entitlement versus Opportunity – “The middle class was created by opportunity and the middle class is being destroyed by entitlement.”

Senior Care posted Where to Retire for Less than $1,500 Per Month – “As of the first quarter of 2011, the average retiree benefit from Social Security was under $1,200 per month. For retirees with a modest nest egg saved for retirement, drawing on the 4% withdrawal rule to supplement Social Security still does not bring their annual income over $18,000 per year. Unfortunately, finding a place to retire on less than $1,500 a month is not easy, unless a retiree is willing to move. There are numerous cities throughout the United States, and definitely places abroad, where a small budget can still provide a comfortable lifestyle.”

NerdWallet posted NerdWallet’s Top 10 Community-Focused Credit Unions of 2011 – “We’d like to recognize 10 outstanding credit unions that are extraordinarily committed to social and economic justice. One of our favorites on the list publishes a “living wage” for its area, and makes sure to pay its workers at least that amount.”

RatRaceExodus posted 5 Credit Card Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know About – “You could also call this article “5 things Mike didn’t know about a few days ago”. Now that I know, I will funnel all my purchases through my credit card, and pay it off immediately. Combined with the travel points, credit cards have never made this much sense. Bet that’s something you didn’t expect to hear.”

The Oblivious Investor posted REITs Are Stocks – “Despite misconceptions to the contrary, REITs are simply a type of stock. And they’re already included in most broad index funds.”

The Top Personal Finance Post of The Week

And my pick of the week is……

20 and Engaged’s recap of Suze Orman’s Twitter Spat. Suze Orman had introduced her own prepaid debit card that carries a long list of fees. Understandably, a lot of us personal finance bloggers see this as Suze leveraging her authority to prey on the low and middle class.

What put me over the edge was Suze’s response when Briana called her out on the card:


Go check out Briana’s post for a full recap of the conversation.

Carnivals and Other Mentions

A big thanks to LaTisha at Financial Success for Yong Adults for including me in her weekly roundup.

And thanks to Miss T for hosting the Yakezie carnival this week at Prairie Eco Thrifter.

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  1. Thanks for picking my post Jeremy! It was quite a shot Suze took at PT. She even did a half hearted apology. We’ll see how this affects her brand.

  2. Thanks for the mention Jeremy! Have a great week!

  3. Thanks Jeremy for Counting us in.

    @Briana – really appreciate your effort – Suze will remember power of PF Bloggers.

  4. Thanks for the mention.

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