Top Personal Finance Posts Of The Week – October 14, 2011

Posted October 14th, 2011 in Blog Carnival by Jeremy Waller

Top Personal Finance Posts of The Week

Happy Friday! Once again, it’s time for my weekly roundup of the top personal finance posts of the week.

The Penny Hoarder posted Get Paid to Go on a Scavenger Hunt Around Town this week. – Who doesn’t love the thrill of a scavenger hunt, right? Kyle shows you a new cell phone app will literally pay you to go on a hunt around town…

The Wealthy Canadian presents Planning For Retirement: Knowing What You Will Need. – This article discusses reaching the milestone of retirement and touches on what you will reasonably need from an income standpoint; it also discusses how you can incorporate effective tax planning to lessen the tax strain upon leaving the work force.

Dividend Growth Investor wrote on How to choose between dividend stocks. He says, “I invest in several dividend stocks every month. In order to end up with ideas to purchase, I have a rigorous screening process. Basically I look for certain quantitative factors such as valuation, dividend sustainability, return on equity and historical EPS and DPS growth. In terms of qualitative factors I look for competitive advantages, products with lasting impressions in customers and ability to grow earnings and dividends.

Little Miss Moneybags gives some food for thought in her post “We are not consumers, and we are not puppets on a string”. She says that this was inspired by a post she read. It made her realize the importance of how we label ourselves, and how that impacts our spending.

Chelsea Prescotti from CreditScore.net presents No-Preset-Limit Credit Cards Could Spell Trouble for Your Credit Score, saying, “If you are new or unschooled in the world of credit cards, you are more than likely confused, unsure of yourself, and more than a bit scared. And you have every reason to be, especially if you haven’t done your research. After all, banks and credit card companies are most concerned with their bottom line, and it is in their best interests that they set forth plenty of fine print that, they hope, you’ll skim over quickly.

Parenting Squad covers an important part of financial planning in their post: Retirement Account vs. College Fund: Should We Really Put Ourselves Before Our Kids?

The Top Personal Finance Post of The Week

And my favorite post of the week is…..Parasite of Wealth by Roshawn Watson at Watson Inc. He talks about a huge problem in our society today – people go broke trying to look rich. They may succeed in impressing others they don’t know and don’t really care about but generally at the expense of their family’s financial solvency and preparedness WHEN the poop hits the proverbial fan.

If you have a personal finance site and you think one of your posts should be included next week, submit it here!

I also wanted to note that I was featured in The Best of Money Carnival last week. My post about if you should invest in your 401(k) or pay off debt was one of 10 posts picked out of 75 submissions. Thanks for hosting Squirrelers!

Have a great weekend!

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