Top Personal Finance Posts Of The Week – November 18, 2011

Posted November 18th, 2011 in Blog Carnival by Jeremy Waller

Top Personal Finance Posts of The Week

Holy cow what a rough week this has been. Our washing machine kicked the bucket on Wednesday. Under normal circumstances I can survive a few days without doing laundry. However, we use cloth diapers for our two boys. And cloth diapers suck when you don’t have a washing machine….

So tonight I get to put on my handy man hat and tear the washing machine apart to see if it’s fixable.

So while you’re enjoying this weeks roundup send happy thoughts my way. I tend to get in a bad mood when I have to fix appliances.

Top Posts of the Week

Christyn Raymond presents Avoiding Student Loans posted at Striving For Simple, saying, “How to decrease your chances of heading into tons of student loan debt”

Steve Zussino presents Do young Canadians know interest rates are at historical lows? posted at Canadian Personal Finance, saying, “The results of this survey, shows that: More than 1 in 3 Canadian homeowners aged 30-39 are unaware interest rates are near historic lows.”

Jason P. presents Envelope System: Budgeting Best Practices posted at One Money Design, saying, “Closer look at envelope system and when it works best and when it might be more challenging to use.”

Mike Piper presents Thoughts on Becoming a Financial Advisor posted at The Oblivious Investor, saying, “What’s it like being a new financial advisor? Do you have to spend a lot of your time doing sales work?”

Jeremy presents If You Have to Think About If You Can Afford It, You Can’t posted at Generation X Finance.

Can’t Forget About My Yakezie Peeps

Aloysa presents Why Doesn’t the “Occupy” Movement Go Home? posted at My Broken Coin, saying, “The movement is becoming violent, unsanitary and down plain criminal. Find out all the reasons why I don’t like the Occupy movement.”

Tony presents Don’t Move Your Stop Loss Orders posted at Investorz Blog, saying, “Stick to your stop losses! It’s better to risk the chance of giving up potential profits than to risk a more probable chance of losing money! Many experienced investors often fall into the trap where they move their stop loss orders lower, believing that the fall in market prices is only a temporary fall, and things will get better.”

Robert presents What You Should Know About Early Termination Fees posted at The College Investor, saying, “What you should know about early termination fees and how they can be killer.”

SB presents 10 Financial Myths About Timeshares posted at from One Cent At A Time, saying, “There is a lot of misinformation flying around about timeshare that can get you into a lot of financial trouble if you believe it. Most of it comes from timeshare salespeople overstating the truth that get repeated when people explain why they purchased a timeshare.”

Jackie presents Am I Bad at Math Too? posted at The Debt Myth, saying, ‘It’s been said that Dave Ramsey is Bad at Math — tongue in cheek, I imagine, for the sake of an attention-getting headline. Just yesterday though, a commenter on my post that explains how the debt snowball method works suggested that I learn some math.”

LaTisha presents Create a Vision Board for 2012 posted at Financial Success For Young Adults, saying, “A vision board is a physical, tangible representation of your dreams and goals. In order to create a vision board you have to start visualizing your SMART goals. What are SMART goals?”

Fat Guy presents Maybe Working Out With A Marine Wasn’t A Good Idea For Fat Guy posted at Fat Gut Skinny Wallet, saying, “Recently, I decided to revive my “flat-lining” weight loss efforts by working with a trainer. Unfortunately, my trainer is the current NJ Golden Gloves champion, and he is training to be a Navy Seal (after going through the Marines)!!!”

Mrs. Not Made of Money presents Helpful Tips For Keeping Your Holiday Budget Under Control posted at Not Made Of Money, saying, ‘Christmas can be a real budget buster. Even in the best made plans there are bound to be additional expenses during the holiday season. The end result is that budgets are thrown to the curb and spending takes over.”

Charles presents What To Do After Losing A Debit Card posted at Money Green Life, saying, “My friend lost her debit card this past weekend. It was horrific due to the Veteran Day weekend and the thief managed to spend over $1,000 before running out of funds in my friend’s checking account. Although more and more people are choosing to use debit cards over credit cards, this story is a prime example why credit cards should be a preferred method of use.”

101 Centavos presents Having The Right Tools posted at 101 Centavos, saying, “Having the right tools is important when it comes to any major project. Whether that’s working on budgeting or cutting through bolts.”

Corey presents Does Cheap Perfume Exist? posted at 20’s Finances, saying, “Find out more about my cheap alternative to perfume.”

Charles Chua C K presents 5 Effective Ways for Baby Boomers to Protect Their Wealthposted at All About Living with Life.

Kevin McKee presents Why You Should Buy Junk Silver posted at Thousandaire, saying, “I just bought $2500 of junk silver. Find out why you’re going to want precious metals in your house.”

Control your Cash presents The Poor Aren’t Getting Poorer. They’re Getting Stupider.posted at Control Your Cash: Making Money Make Sense, saying, “Pew Research says the poor are getting poorer at the expense of the old. We disagree.”

J.B. presents Will The Real Cost Of Education Continue To Rise? posted at My University Money, saying, “Does the new reality mean that students should accept cutbacks just like other demographic groups, or is the best way to fuel the new economy through heavy government subsidization?”

The Top Personal Finance Post of The Week

And my pick of the week is……

Corey from Passive Income to Retire and his inspirational post Shooting for the Stars Begins Here “The beginning of my journey to blog full-time starts somewhere. I share my secrets of how I hope to be able to quit my day job and work 3 days a week.”

Go get ’em Corey!

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