Top Personal Finance Posts Of The Week – Apple Is Kicking Google’s Tail Edition

Posted January 22nd, 2012 in Blog Carnival by Jeremy Waller

While Apple’s stock price is shooting through the roof, Google’s is flat lining. With the big hit Google’s stock took this week after missing earnings, Apple’s market cap is now double that of Google.

Apple is generating more than $35 billion in free cash flow each year. $35 billion!

Top Posts of the Week

Former Banker posted Control Your Spending Without Making A Budget – “How to keep track of your money even if you hate making a budget

Ben Dockery posted A Penny Unearned is 1.56 Pennies Saved: How to Avoid Financial Suicide – “This is my latest article about money and the cost of a life in music.”

The Writer’s Coin posted Doing It for the Money…Would You? – “Working at a fast food joint may not sound like much of a career, but what if someone offered you a ten year contract and tripled your salary? Would you do it?”

Faith and Finance posted States With No Income Tax – “Looking to eliminate state income tax from your vocabulary? You’re in luck! Seven states don’t have state income tax – do you know which ones they are?.”

Control Your Cash posted We Learn Nothing – “What happened with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and why we’re doomed to have it happen again.”

Dividend Growth Investor posted Top Dividend Stocks to Own in 2012 – “The companies I invest in typically provide consumers in every continent with products or services they use on a daily basis. No matter what happens with the economy, people will still do grocery shopping, and spend on basic needs. This makes the business model for most of the stocks I focus on very defensive in its core.”

Step Away From The Mall posted 5 Money Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Marriage – “Still fuming over the last money fight with your spouse? This post will help solve five common money mistakes that couples often make.”

Free by 50 posted Getting a 401k Match vs Paying Off Credit Cards – “That employer match is worth 100% of your money while paying off a credit card only saves you the 15-30% interest the credit card charges. It doesn’t make sense to give up getting 100% free money to save 15-30% interest for your dollar.”

The Penny Hoarder posted How to Make Money as an Event Planner – “It’s one of those jobs that sounds great in theory. I mean, who wouldn’t love a job planning parties? Truth be told, event planning is a stressful job suited only for the most organized and detail-oriented personalities.”

The Top Personal Finance Post of The Week

And my pick of the week is……

Sustainable Personal Finance’s post The Real Reason Nobody Is Buying Electric Cars – “Nobody is buying electric cars. In 2011, GM produced just 12,400 Volts. They only sold about three quarters of them, or 8200 units. Think about this for a minute. In the United States alone, General Motors sold over 2.5 million cars. The Volt accounted for about a third of one percent of their 2011 sales.”

Carnivals and Other Mentions

Thanks to Little House in the Valley for hosting the Yakezie carnival this week.

Image credit Business Insider.

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  1. Thanks for including our article in this week’s roundup.

  2. And with all that free cash they could buy up companies left and right. I think this year they will make a major move to buy up some mobile tech developer and really continue to strengthen it’s targeted portfolio.

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