Top Personal Finance Posts Of The Week – 30k Challenge Edition

Posted December 18th, 2011 in Blog Carnival by Jeremy Waller

30k Challenge

Howdy folks – this week I’m announcing a new challenge that I’m taking on next year. The Online Money Bloggers 30k challenge. This site has started to earn a bit of income here and there. So I figure – why not set an income goal and see what happens? The primary goal of PFW is and always will be to give people the knowledge they need to make smart decisions with their finances.

I won’t be posting any income updates on here. I don’t want to distract from this site’s primary focus. However, if you’re interested in my progress everything will be posted on the Online Money Bloggers site.

Top Posts of the Week

Seeking Alpha posted Analysis Of ‘Best Stocks Of 2012’ Lists – Who Wins? – “I thought it would be interesting to compare best stocks across the list and determine the average ratings and average of dividend yields for each publisher. Here are my best stock picks for 2012”

Odd Cents posted Five Great Christmas Gifts on a Budget – “I’m not a fan of Christmas, but I buy a few gifts each year. I usually set a small budget and I find stuff that fits into that budget, along with wrapping paper and bows. Five of my favourite gifts for giving are:”

Former Banker posted Want To Blog Full-Time? Ignore “Warnings”;, Listen To Advice! – “Becoming a full-time blogger takes time, money, dedication, and unfortunately, most people who try will fail. Which side you end up on depends partly on getting the right information.”

Control your Cash posted The Insufferable Simple Dollar – “Americans, and people in general outside of Japan, spend too much money. Therefore, the most facile personal finance advice it’s possible to give is to tell people to economize. And like a James Valentine guitar solo, the author behind TSD has been playing the same notes in the same order for his entire career.”

The College Investor posted What is an Insurance Dividend? – ” I understood why stocks paid dividends – to return earnings to shareholders. Well, insurance companies do the same thing, but they are returning premiums paid to customers, rather than earnings.”

My Broken Coin posted Battling Shopping Addiction: Conquering Thrift Stores… And Failing – “One of my friends wanted to help me with my shopping problem. We had endless conversations about the causes and motivations, and, of course, the guilt behind my spending habits or unfullfilled financial goals. One day she said to me ‘I think I figured you out. You enjoy the process of shopping, not necessarily the results. I know what you should do. You should go with me and check out thrift stores.'”

Not Made of Money posted ‘Tis The Season For Thrift Store Shopping – “Even though I don’t have much time to go thrift shopping this year, the holiday season is my favorite time of year to hit the thrift stores.”

Financial Success for Young Adults posted Car Insurance is All About Risk – “Are you a risky driver? Do you consider yourself a safe driver? Car Insurance is all about risk and statistics.”

Investorz Blog posted Why Being an Investor Isn’t an Ideal Career Path – “Now, I’m going to take the opposite stance, and explain the difficulties of being a full time, professional investor.”

One Cent At A Time posted How I Saved on Holiday Vacation Expenses – “I just came from one of the most fantastic Thanksgiving holidays with a couple of my friends along with our family. The following are the secrets for lower holiday vacation expenses.”

The Debt Myth posted What’s YOUR Higher Get Out of Debt Goal? – “You know you want to get out of debt, but why? What’s YOUR higher get out of debt goal?”

The Top Personal Finance Post of The Week

And my pick of the week is……

Smart Family Finance’s interview with The Frugal Toad: – “Wish Your Family Could Be More Frugal? How to Introduce Frugality to Your Family – “It seems as though today’s American families could benefit from my grandmother’s frugal wisdom. The US poverty rate rose last year and falling family income was the main culprit. With inflation outpacing family wages, many households are feeling the pinch when it comes to spending.”

Great interview guys. Paul has some great practical tips for cutting expenses without missing out on the things you enjoy in life.

A big thanks to everyone on the list this week for some great reads!

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  1. Jackie says:

    Thanks for including my link 🙂

  2. Great round up. The Challenge sounds great. I am seeing a lot of people participate. I will be sure to watch your progress. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for including our article in this week’s roundup!

  4. Aloysa says:

    Thank you for including me! Appreciate it!

  5. Thanks for the mention. I’ve been debating about joining the challenge myself. However, I don’t think I’d realistically have much of a chance.

  6. Dana says:

    Thanks for the mention. The challenge does look interesting – Good Luck!!

  7. Thank-you for the mention. This is a great challenge. Good luck!

  8. Thanks for the honor of post of the week Jeremy! Shaun really did a great job with his interview series.

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