Let’s Talk About Debt

Posted March 9th, 2012 in Debt by Jeremy Waller

The following is a guest post from Suzanne Coblentz. Thanks Suzanne!

No, I am not joking, I really want to talk openly about debt.  For many American’s living with economic challenges has become quite normal. Of course, most of us don’t really view the stress of mounting credit card debt as a ‘challenge’, but more of an inconvenience to be dealt with eventually…like retirement.

Paying off or consolidating debt is one of those things on our to-do lists, something we resolve to work on with the New Year etc.  But, it’s not something we actually deal with, not until we have to.

It is the lack of familiarity with their options that holds most people back from finding debt help.  It can be confusing to understand the difference between debt consolidation, debt management, debt settlement, bill consolidation, loans and more. The only well-known way to get rid of debt is bankruptcy and that is not really a solution as much as a last resort.

So let’s make this a reality.  Take a few minutes, get online and do some research.  There is a wealth of information available on; blogs, providers of debt relief services websites, and reviews sites, all talking about debt solutions or debt relief service providers.

This information is free for the taking.  Once you understand the debt lingo, you can then determine if you can do things on your own to expedite paying off your debt, if you could benefit from a debt management plan or if you are in need of more serious services like settlement or bankruptcy.  Don’t hesitate to contact these providers directly and ask questions, lots of questions, but do not feel obligated to do anything until you feel ready and until you fully understand how the plans work.

Whatever you do, just be sure to do something.  Don’t push off tackling your debt head on and giving yourself a second chance financially.  If you are ready to have a conversation about your debt, here is a provider checklist to help you evaluate different debt relief service providers.

Suzanne Coblentz

Suzanne is a CareOne Debt Relief Services community moderator and works in the Social Media department. If you have questions about CareOne Debt Relief Services please visit www.CareOneCredit.com or call and speak with one of our certified credit counselors, 1-888-888-CARE.

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