Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It? Warning: Highly Technical Analysis

Posted March 1st, 2012 in Frugal Living by Jeremy Waller

Ok. I admit this post is a little strange for me. Laser hair removal isn’t something that crosses my mind often (ever?)

But, I saw a Groupon the other day and I really did wonder if you could save money in the long run. I can’t remember the details offhand, but it was something like $400 for six sessions on an “exta-large” area. (Do they charge more if you’re really overweight?) I’m assuming that your legs or your back fall under the extra-large category.

Shaving is expensive. It’s ridiculous how much Gillette and Co. charge for razor blades. So when I saw this Groupon, I’m thinking that it wouldn’t take long to offset the cost of the procedure.

Ready for my highly technical analysis of this? Hold on to your seats.

The most expensive disposable razors are about $25 for 6. Or if you’re cheap like me, you can get 6 of BIC’s version of the triple blade $6.34.

So we can say that on the high end you might spend $30 per month and maybe $5 on the low end.

With a Groupon like deal, it would take about 13 months to break even at best and 6 1/2 years at worst. If you end up paying full price for the procedure, it may take you 10 times as long to break even.

And that’s just assuming it’s a one and done type of thing. But, as I understand it, some hair will regrow and you’ll end up paying for a couple of clean up visits every year.

From a financial perspective, the only way I can see it making sense is if you use the most expensive razor blades and you can get the procedure for a deep discount. Even then, I would just say you should switch to a cheaper razor.

The Convenience Factor

Another factor I have to consider is the convenience of not have to shave. That’s really the only way I can see laser hair removal being worth it.

I could really stretch it here and say

Well you would save one hour per week and if your time is worth $30 per hour then you would save $1,560 every year by not having to shave.

Hey boss - I'm going to need tomorrow off. I have to shave my back.

I think that’s a spurious line of reasoning though. The only way it really makes sense to put a dollar value on your time is if you could actually use that time to work. So if you’re taking an hour off work each week to shave, then you could count your time in the analysis.

But seriously. If you’re having to take time off work to shave you probably have bigger issues to deal with.

Is Laser Hair Removal Worth Is?

From a financial perspective, no it’s not worth it. But if you could be confused for Sasquatch when you take your shirt off or if you really hate shaving your legs then maybe the convenience is worth it to you.

It’s one of those things like a bigger TV. There’s no way you can financially justify a bigger TV, but if you can afford it and that’s how you want to spend your money then by all means go for it.

Would you ever have laser hair removal done?

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Sophia says:

    For women, it’s definitely worth it. It would be amazing to wake up every day and think…am I too hairy to wear this? oh wait that’s right…I don’t have leg/armpit/bikini line hair anymore! Men don’t have to shave if they want to grow a beard…women have to forever. It sucks and I would definitely do this.

  2. PK says:

    Haha, great stuff.

    How about the utility of always knowing your back is smooth? That guy in the picture would probably also feel it was worth it to… avoid blog pictures?

    Funny topic, indeed…

  3. Leslie Lexor says:

    For me, this is worth it! I’m spending too much time and money just to shave all that hairs before, but now, I don’t need it anymore. So happy with this way of hair removal.

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