A Ridiculous Comparison Of The Cost of Everything

Posted November 24th, 2011 in Economics by Jeremy Waller

Ok so this is pretty awesome. xkcd has put together one of the most amazing infographics that I have ever seen.

You need to see this if you have ever wanted to see a comparison between:

  • The cost of Starbucks Coffee
  • A one gallon jug of loose change
  • The annual cost of owning a rabbit
  • The average cost of dinner for a family of 4
  • Per capita income of Germany
  • The value of a 1933 Double Eagle coin
  • The cost of Obama’s¬†inauguration
  • The value of a solid gold toilet
  • The the net worth of Bill Gates
  • The US GDP
  • All of the tea trade in China
  • The cost to buy the Amazon Rain Forest
  • The Apollo moon landing
  • World War II
  • Size of the derivatives market
  • Total economic production of the entire human race
  • And about 1,000 other things (seriously)

Here are a few highlights:

One Dollar

Cost of Dinner For A Family of 4

Annual Housing Cost

Per Capital Income

Gameshow Prizes

Comparison of the cost of artwork

value of a solid gold toilet

box office revenue

cost of megaprojects

Total Public Debt

That’s just a small sample. Seriously go check this thing out. It’s one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time.

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  1. Jackie says:

    Wow, that’s…overwhelming. But interesting too. I’m surprised at some of the comparisons — I wouldn’t have thought to make many of them.

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